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Canvas Bag

Sometimes you see a bag
so beautiful you would die for it
What’s so special about it, that you suddenly say “I want it all costs!”? It’s design! It’s the creativity which stands behind the design. But now pay attention. At this moment in time, nothing is standing in the way of you creating a design for your new, stylish bag.

It’s quality will also positively surprise you. It’s thick, durable, the print is clear and sticks great to the material. You can go round the city in a few days and people will be asking where could they buy it and who designed it! If they could find out how easy and how cheap it is to become equal to Paris fashion designers…
but ssh… we won’t tell anyone.


Rose Marble 12.90 USD
Hand Touch 12.90 USD
Peonies 12.90 USD
Orchid 12.90 USD

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