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Xiaomi Redmi 4X cases

Design your own or choose from our amazing projects!

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visibility Slim look

Our Xiaomi Redmi 4X case, apart from making your device look uniquely, keeps its usage even more comfortable. It does not reduce accessibility of the buttons and makes the grip more firm.

3d_rotation Durable print

Our technology lets us cover the entire case, including the edges! The print is „pressed” directly onto your case, making it durable and scrubbing-proof.

security Enhanced protection

Flamecase Xiaomi Redmi 4X cover makes your phone resistant to scratches, dust and dirt. It will also be much safer during the fall. Additional protection that looks good!

group About us

Our company is based in Europe. Every single case is made respectively and on demand. Our passion, precision and experience guarantees your satisfaction from our product.

Random projects

Pillow 30x40cm Vertical Print